Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

Uganda. I had heard of the country, but never had been interested in visiting until 2017. A class was offered for 4 weeks where we would travel to Uganda and study sustainability. I was not really interested in sustainability, but I wanted to visit the homeland. Every time I had an opportunity to return to Africa, there was either civil unrest, illness, or a number of other things. But, June 2017 was my time. I was determined to go back.

Landing in Entebbe with a group of white Americans was one of the weirdest feeling. I can’t even explain it. The way they looked at Africa, talked about Africa; clearly many of their perspectives were flawed and ethnocentric. But, I didn’t let this stop me from enjoying my limited time in the Mother Land.

Not only did I dance and eat, I made the best of friends and discovered something about myself. 

No I am not trying to be like those girls who go to Belize and have a life changing experience, but my experience in Uganda helped me envision a future that was different than I planned. 

When I was younger, I never wanted any ties to Africa. My family was there. but I was so scared that the more I visited the more that more I would want to stay. 

This trip did not make me want to stay in Uganda. But, it made me aware of a problem that we have as  a people. 

I was apart of that problem. I am an educated African who is focusing my attention on America. I care so much about the inequality and injustices in America, that I have ignored the inequality and injustices in America. 

Maybe it is not everyone’s job to return home and help develop their country. But as one of my friends, Denyse A., has said we’re not helping develop our countries when we stay in America and complain. 

Africa is beautiful. My friends are there; my family is there. And now I want to be there. At least part time.

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