Why just having plus-sized models isn’t enough​

I am a size 10/12. Not quite plus sized (size 14 and above) but not really normal sized. I have yet to see a model who is my size, color, and shape on the runway except in the Fenty Show. (Props to Rihanna for her inclusivity). 

Most of us are familiar with Ashley Graham. Ashley Graham came into the industry championing for women who look different than what the media has represented. 

The average women in the United States is a size 14-16, she does not have an hourglass figure, and she is still beautiful.

But, Ashley Graham is also part of the problem. Ashley Graham is a small plus-sized model. Her and I are the same size sometimes. She body shape is an hourglass figure which is over represented in the media and under represented in actuality. 

Not that Ashely Graham is not doing great things for the industry, but including her in a runway show or a magazine spread is not solving the problem. It is creating another on. 

Body image is the mental picture themselves of oneself parallel to how they believe they look in the mirror. Body image is influenced by culture and  media. A negative body image can be detrimental to a persons mental health because it shift the person’s feelings about their life, actions, and self.

Many women get their image of the perfect women from the media. The continuous images of women who are considered plus sized but are not actually plus size or who’s size does not represent plus sized women does nothing to solve the issue of inclusivity, and may harm the women that it is supposed to support. 

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