A Y A N A      A N D E R S O N

pronounced (ai-YAWN- ah)

“Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined” – Henry David Thoreau

As a first-generation American, dreaming is what I do best. My mother dreamed of the life that we could have here. And, Now I am writing that dream into reality. The works displayed on the website are not only components of my portfolio but works that illustrate lives of others who are not clearly in the majority. My name is Ayana Anderson and this is my site!

M y    S t u d i e s

Photo taken and edited by Mollie Ryan

I am a senior at Drake University in the School or Journalism and Mass Communication. My first degree is in News. I use my training to share stories of people. Communities that have conflict within themselves may be because individuals do not know each other and the problems that the other faces. My goal in news is to share the struggles and successes of groups within communities ignorer to bring communities together.

My second degree is from the School of Arts and Sciences in Law, Politics and Society (LPS). This interdisciplinary study incorporates my interest in law and social justice into a perfectly tailored major. Because of LPS, I have decided to pursue law. Next year, I will hopefully be enrolled at the law school of my dreams.

M y    S o c i a l    l i f e

Photo taken of Ayana Anderson edited by Brimah Tayo Lawal Jr.

I am currently the President of Drake University African Student Association (ASA). ASA is a home for me as well as many other students on campus. Africa; its cultures and its peoples; and the life of Blacks in America and Africa is one primary source of inspiration of my work whether it is photography, writing, or magazine.

M y    H o b b i e s

My favorite thing to do it to cook. Food is not only a staple in my culture, but a staple in my life. Food means family, togetherness, and joy. The Liberian Cuisine is especially meant to be shared. My favorite dishes are Palm Butter, Cassava Leaves, Potato Greens,  and Pepper Soup. 

Travel is another one of my hobbies. I have traveled to every continent except for Asia and Australia. I travel to experience new culture, to visit family, and to see friends. My next travel destination is currently unknown, but when it calls me, I will go.


Now that you have gotten a quick snap shot of who I am, keep clicking through the site to see more.